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The picture in the headline shows the lower part of Río Pacaya, National Reserve of Pacaya Samiria, Peru  

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Apistogramma cf. cruzi
Rio Curaray, Peru   - Wild male

Nannostomus sp. "Red Pencil 3" (Amaya)
Peru    - Wild male

Apistogramma rositae
Peru   - Female with fry

We are two ornamental fish hobbyists, living in the southern part of Norway.
Martin is the one who knows how to create a website. He is the brain behind all the basic structures of this site.
TomC fills the site with content. He is keeping lots of Apistogramma and Lebiasinidae (pencilfish), and
spends time in the Amazon (Peru or Colombia) almost every year, to find and document Apistogramma etc. and their habitats.

Here you will find stuff concerning dwarf-cichlids (mostly Apistogramma), characins (mostly Lebiasinidae = pencil fish), and a few others.


Apistogramma sp. "D18"
Colombia   - Wild male

      Nannostomus sp. "Red Pencil 4" (Cenepa?)
Peru   - Wild male

    Apistogramma sp. "Rocafuerte/Shaly"
  Peru   - Wild male of the Shaly-form

News January 2023:

We are proud to publish Mike Wise's wonderful and super interesting
updated version of his article
Paleogeography of South America and its effects on the distribution
& phylogeny of Apistogramma-species-groups


News December 2021:

A brand new article:
Apistogramma sp. "Cuiari", a new beauty from eastern Colombia

Römer, U., Hättich, F., Mejia, D., Christoffersen, T. (2021)

News October 2021:

It is with great pleasure we now publish comprehensive updated versions
of both Mike Wise's A description of Apistogramma species-groups
and Mike Wise et al.'s Apistogramma Species List
We hope you all enjoy the enormous informative results of the hard work!

News October 2020:

Mike Wise's illustrated guide to the understanding of the
Apistogramma-species-groups has been thoroughly updated.
Have a look at this huge, important and fantastic article!
A description of Apistogramma species-groups

News May 2020:

We have the pleasure of publishing a huge, brand new, article.
This one deals with the Apistogramma sp. "D6" / "Mitu".

Long time ago! – Apistogramma sp. "Mitu" back in Europe after 26 years

Hättich, F., Römer, U., Mejia, D., Christoffersen, T. (2020)

News February 2020:

Mike Wise et al.'s Apistogramma-species list will now be updated as soon as we feel there are important needs for change.
You may now access the species-list from the menu on the left (The List)

News January 2019:

An impressive thorough and comprehensive article
that highlights most aspects of the species previously called A. sp. aff. "Mitu",
by Frank Hättich and Uwe Römer:

Apistogramma sp. "Rautenband / Diamond-band" – An aquaristically
new Dwarf Cichlid from the Río Vaupés drainage.

News October 2018:

An insightful, inspiring and beautiful article about the species so far
called A. sp. "D37", by Frank Hättich and Yukitoshi Ohnota:

A Colombian Beauty – Apistogramma sp. ‘Kiemenfleck/Gill-spot’

News July 2018:

Frank Hättich and Roland Kipper's magnificent article:
A mouth full! – Apistogramma sp. "D10", a new mouthbrooder from Colombia

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