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Copella callolepis (sensu Zarske) nattereri (sensu Marinho)

Copella callolepis . wild male

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Regan, 1912

Reconsidered as a valid species by Zarske (2011) in
Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Vertreter der Gattungen -Pyrrhulina VALENCIENNES, 1846 und Copella MYERS, 1956 des nordöstlichen Südamerika (Teleostei: Characiformes: Lebiasinidae)

The same fish was earlier described as Copella spec. aff. meinkeni Zarske & Géry (2006).

And it was described as Copella nattereri in 
Taxonomic review of Copella (Characiformes:Lebiasinidae) with an identification key for the species  Manoela M. F. Marinho, Naercio A. Menezes (August 2017)


Copella spec. aff. meinkeni Zarske & Géry (2006).

Copella callolepis was earlier considered as a synonym for Copella nattereri

Distribution and habitat

Río Tapajoz, Río Aripiuns, around Santarem, Igarapé Azul, Ilha do Cameta, Río Negro, Brazil.

I collected this species on several locations in Colombia, in 2017. Here from a small affluent to the Colombian Rio Negro:

Water parameters

PH : 4-7
ppm : Low

My Experience

I give them newly hatched baby brine schrimps every day, and they seems to love that.

They actually eat everything I offer, and amazingly they also like crushed discus-bits.

Males could be quite territorial, but no one is hurt in the tail slapping "fights".


   Spawns continuously among floating plants, and fries of different sizes appear in tanks where the layer of floating plants is thick and other conditions suit them.
Don't seem to hunt on their own fry.